Other features we have available that you can add to your ceremony for an extra charge if you wish:


The couple exchange rings as usual, but we can offer the unique and distinctly romantic option of having these delivered in a very special way: owl ring delivery. We can recommend falconers who will arrange for a fully trained owl or falcon to appear with its handler at the ceremony.



We can also arrange for a female piper to add a unique finishing touch to your big day by creating a romantic atmosphere with traditional music. Our recommended piper, Louise has over 25 years of piping experience. She has been featured on television and in magazines. Louise can pipe for you at various times during your special day. Some suggestions are:

* as your guests arrive at the ceremony venue
* as the bride arrives at the chosen venue
* to entertain your guests whilst wedding photos are being taken
* at the departure of the wedding party from the ceremony venue
* at the arrival of the guests at the reception
* as the newly married couple proceed to the Top Table

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